. Attendance to the 2 days sessions
. Plenary session in the auditorium
. Cocktail gala at the Guggenheim Museum
. Coffee breaks
. Documentation

Registration fee does not include meals,

Registration Period
Open from March 15 to May 12. Registrations received before the 15th of April will benefit from a reduced fee.

Registration will be closed as from the 12th of May and those who have not registered before that date and wish to attend will have to register at the conference registration desk. Acceptance will be limited to space availability and registration materials.

In principle, no limit has been set as regards the substitution-transfer of an registration, as long as the Technical Secretariat has been informed in writing before the 6th of May.

Those willing to cancel their registration, must inform the Technical Secretariat in writing by e-mail, post or fax.

Registrations cancelled before the 6th of May are entitled to a refund of the 75% of the paid fee. The other 25% will be charged as administrative expenses.  As from that date, no money will be refunded.

Refunds will be effected through the same channel as used for payment.  Expenses derived from transfer commission or currency exchange will be paid by the person requesting the refund.