Scott A. Cassady

Ayuntamiento de BilbaoIñaki Azkuna

Scott Cassady is responsible for strategy, deployment and integration of web technologies throughout The Boeing Company’s global enterprise. His organization delivers applications, infrastructure, and hosting services to Boeing consumers world-wide, with a focus on enabling collaboration and communications via the Boeing corporate web. He is the IT representative to the corporate Knowledge Management initiative and the sponsor for Boeing's ongoing W3C participation.

Plenary session

Tuesday, May 17

Online Banking. 9.00 - 11.00. A1 ROOM

Special session. 15.00 - 15.20. A1 ROOM

Scott Cassady

eLaw. 15.20 - 16.20. A1 ROOM

Jose María Anguiano
Jose María Anguiano
Fiscalía de Madrid

Pilar Rodríguez
Madrid Attorney’s Office

eEducation. 16.20 - 17.20. A1 ROOM

Andrew McFee
Javier Celaya
Nacho de Pinedo
Javier Celaya

Javier Celaya

Juan Domingo Farnós
Wednesday, May 18

Special session. 10.00 - 10.20. A1 ROOM

Gareth Mills

Special session. 12.00. A1 ROOM

Alberto García Erauskin

eCommerce. 17.00 - 18.30. A1 ROOM

Alex Cruz
Jaime Fernández de Valderrama
Luis Monserrate
Nacho Somalo

Nacho Somalo
Founder & CEO