Idoia Maguregui

BankinterIdoia Maguregui

Idoia holds a degree in Computing Science Engineering by Deusto University and also the doctorate courses on the same subject, she has taken the CSEP –by the University of Columbia (2006), the GSMP by the University of Chicago and the IE (2008) as well as a Master degree on Internet Business, and a Master on Derivatives and Market Risks. She holds a diploma as piano teacher.

Currently she is General Manager in Projects and Innovation of Gneis, the IT and Operations Services Company of Bankinter (recently awarded the Best Spanish Bank by the magazine The Banker), where she has developed almost all her career holding several positions of responsibility such as Human Resources Manager, Internal Audit Manager of Bankinter Group or Institutional Process and Control Manager.

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Tuesday, May 17

Online Banking. 9.00 - 11.00. A1 ROOM

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Jose María Anguiano
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Javier Celaya

Juan Domingo Farnós
Wednesday, May 18

Special session. 10.00 - 10.20. A1 ROOM

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Nacho Somalo
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