arriving to bilbao

By air

Bilbao’s International Airport is a benchmark in the Basque Country.  It is located in Loiu, ten kilometres away from the capital. There is an urban bus (run by Bizkaibus), which takes you to the Bus Station, where you can take any other means of transport in order to move around in the city (taxi, metro, tram...).

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Airport-Bilbao by bus
Bizkaibus line 3247

Itinerary: Bilbao (Termibus)-Airport, stopping at Gran Vía 79, plaza Moyua and Alameda Recalde 11.
Timetable: form Bilbao, every half an hour, from 5.25 am to 21.55 pm; from the airport, every half an hour between 6.15 and and 24.00.
Price: 1,30 €; 1,05 € with Creditrans.
Tel.: 902 222 265

Airport-Bilbao by taxi

Length of the route: up to Bilbao, around fifteen minutes.
Price: approximate to the capital, 20 €; to Getxo, 27 €.
Tel.: 944 800 909

By bus

The main bus station from Bilbao is Termibus, next to the intermodal station of San Mamés.

You can access Termibus via the Bilbao metro, at the San Mamés station, or via the Bilbao tram (EuskoTran) and via Renfe's suburban trains.

Address: Gurtubay, 1
Tel: 944 395 077

By train

Bilbao has three train stations managed by RENFE, FEVE and EUSKO TREN:

By car

Through the A-8 which leads to Donostia-San Sebastián and the border town of Irún (one hour and a half from Bilbao, one can access the Southwesterly French network of roads, towards Bordeaux and Paris; and those leading to the South, towards Toulouse and Montpellier.

Through the A-68  which subsequently goes down to the Valle del Ebro (Ebro Valley), which links with Barcelona (around 6 hours) and the A-7, which crosses the Mediterranean coast.  The most important road networks of the center of Europe can be accessed through the same, going through the border town of Cervere.  Cities like Lyon, Genoa, Milan or Geneva are less than one day's journey by road.

Dual carriageway
Directly links with Burgos through the A-68 (one and a half hours) and Valladolid (two and a half hours) through the Autovía de Castilla (Castille's dual carriageway) and from there to Madrid (around four hours) through the Autovía del Norte (Northern dual carriageway).

It links with Santander via the Autovía del Cantábrico (Cantabrian dual carriageway) (about one hour).

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