Bilbao is the capital city of Bizkaia and the most populated city in the Basque Country, almost a million of inhabitants live in its metropolitan area. Even more, Bilbao is the trade, social and cultural center and one of the most advanced European cities in services and quality of life.

Metro BilbaoIn the last years, the city is living an brilliant period of revitalization and transformation. Several urban projects, developed by prestigious architects, have change their look becoming a reference and "live museum" of the worldwide architecture: the Bilbao Guggenheim museum by Gehry, the underground by Foster, the new airport terminal by Calatrava, the Master Plan of Abandoibarra area designed by Pelli, are a sample of the architectonic projects and infrastructures that have converted Bilbao in a city in which just walking is a true pleasure to the senses.

Arriving Bilbao and moving through the city and its surroundings is quite easy due to a complete travelling system available to the traveller, being possible to move with comfort and safety when visiting the city and the beautiful landscapes, both mountain-side and sea-side surrounding it. Travellers also have available a broad  and first class hotel offer to get strength back.

Zubizuri BridgeBilbao is settled on their people character, who mark the life of a city that surprises us with a variety of environments. The art in its museums, the music in the streets, the urban architecture, the night life, the varied and well-known cuisine, the pleasure of walking along its streets and enjoying its hospitality, the shopping in the best shops... More information about the venue...

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