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220 V, 50Hz, Europe Standard outlets. Power outlets will be provided at all seats in the meeting room.


The official languages are Spanish and Euskera. You can download an small dictionary by clicking here.


Basque cuisine is considered one of the finest in the world. Despite the high levels of sophistication, refinement, and imagination that haute Basque cuisine has reached in recent times, traditional Basque cuisine is not a complex or excessively elaborated cuisine, but rather a relatively simple cuisine with strong popular roots. It bases its exquisiteness in the quality of its products (meats, fish, vegetables, and seafood), and in the expertise of a people for which gastronomy reaches religious levels.

Visit the following restaurants:

Aizian (Meliá Hotel)
It is frequented by the business and cosmopolitan world and intends to be a representative of the best Basque Cuisine in an international setting.

Beltz the Black (Domine Hotel)
The taste for the essential that expresses Beltz the Black’s minimalist scenography is transmitted to the food, where the prime material is the character.

Etxanobe (Euskalduna Palace)
Flavour, product, tradition and creativity all blended in one concept.

Zortziko (C/Alameda Mazarredo, 17)
Awarded with one Michelin star.

Yandiola (Alhóndiga Bilbao)

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