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By metro

The Metro Bilbao was officially opened in 1995 and was designed by Sir Norman Foster (Manchester, 1935), one of the most innovative and important architects of our times. His individual style has given the city one of the most recognisable architectonic landmarks: the ‘fosteritos’, which are the entrances to the various stations and are always made of glass and steel.

Map of Metro Bilbao

By tramway

The line has been gradually extended to cover an area linking Atxuri to Basurto, with a central stretch across Abandoibarra district -the new leisure area in the village- and stops in some of Bilbao's architectural landmarks, such as the Arriaga Theatre, the Guggenheim Museum, the Euskalduna Palace or the San Mamés Football Stadium.

Creditrans farepass can be used. 5, 10 and 15 euros-worth passes are available in most underground stations, tram stops, kiosks and tobacconists' shops. Using Creditrans, each trip has a cost of 0.55 euros.

Tickets have to be discounted in the machine located at the stop where you get on, since there is no way to buy or discount tickets on the tram.

Map of tramway (only Spanish and euskera)


By bus

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Places of interest in Bilbao

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